About Us

About Us

The company is a prominent owner of cardamom plantations, with the company's directors also being significant contributors to the cardamom industry. Their corporate office and processing centers are strategically located in Vandanmedu, the heart of India's cardamom production, ensuring easy access to all things related to cardamom.

Apart from their involvement in cardamom, the company group is engaged in various other sectors, including spice processing and blending, tea manufacturing, tourism, agricultural input marketing, FMCG distribution, HDPE pipe manufacturing, and the production and marketing of PALAT Brand pickles and other food products. The company's agricultural division not only markets its own agricultural products but also distributes high-quality products from well-known manufacturers.

Our Products

Green cardamom is a top-tier spice known for its exceptional aroma and rich flavor. It holds a prominent place in Indian culinary traditions, imparting a robust, warm, and subtly sweet taste that enhances the distinctiveness of sweet and savory dishes.

serves as a direct supplier of Indian Natural Green cardamom, eliminating intermediaries and connecting farmers directly with end buyers.

The plantations are situated in the picturesque high ranges of South India within the state of Kerala, renowned as the spice capital. These plantations are under the stewardship of professional experts who employ state-of-the-art technologies for both planting and processing, ensuring the highest standards in management and production.